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This is the 3rd year I have grown hydroponic tomatoes. As my father lay dying in hospital in April 2010, he gave me a few instructions and made me promise I would continue growing tomatoes for Mum. The first year I was “flying blind” as they say but fortunately I found the Hydroponics Society. Fred, Peter and Lance came to the property after a field trip to a neighboring suburb and Fred showed me how to prune, Peter showed me how to work the timers installed up there and together they showed me how to read and use the CF meter and worked out I had put too many nutrients into the tank.

I joined the Club soon after and have learned a tremendous amount.

I picked 16kg on Saturday and there would have been more ready in a day or two but the huge tomato is the biggest yet I have managed to grow. The first year the biggest I produced a 403g beauty. Last year the winner was 527g and about 36.5cm. This year’s whopper weighed in at 688g and almost 40cm.