Hydroponic Gardening Society of Victoria inc.

The Hydroponic Society of Victoria was formed in 1979 and incorporated in Victoria. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating members about growing hydroponically. It is managed by a committee elected by it’s members and all office bearers serve in an honorary capacity.

The members are hobbyists, commercial growers, professionals, students of horticulture, retailers and manufacturers all dedicated to learning more about hydroponics.

Some of key members in our society includes:


Hydroponic society box
Hello I’m Brenton and I have been a member of this club for many years and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about our club.



Hello I’m Peter and the club Secretary which means I handle the administration tasks of the club. As well as being a keen home hydroponic gardener I am involved in the hydroponic industry supplying simple, soil-less garden systems for people who want to grow their own veggies.


Hello I’m Michael and I handle the financial aspects of the club. When we have a new member I send them a welcome pack and encourage them to attend a meeting.


Hello I’m Pete and I put together the newsletter which is sent out to our members regularly. I’m always looking for new material so if you have any hydroponic gardening tips, industry news and even a joke or two please send them to me.
Cill & Gerry Rim

I have always been passionate about gardening whether it is vegetables, gumtrees, orchids and flowers and lately ventured in to Hydroponics in the latter part of my retirement.

My technical background made it easy to assemble some Poly fittings and come up with a system and feel equally comfortable to meddle with chemicals in the quest for better growth.

Today I concentrate on growing for our table and make Cill’s shopping a bit easier while she feels more comfortable with enjoying getting the best taste onto the plate when she wants it.