Dill Pickles



If you have a traditional Burger in the USA you will be served with an addition of dill pickles to enhance the flavour of the Burger. This tradition was imported into the USA by the massive migration in the early 1900s from Europe.

Well into the 1980’s you were able to buy the pickles imported from Poland but as economies changed then the Pakistanis and Indians started to get into this business, however, the pickle was spiced and very vinegary and had no resemblance to the genuine dill pickle.

About that time, I was still able to buy boxes of raw pickling gherkins. However, by the 1990s supply faltered and the markets were trying to peddle the runt-sized cucumbers and so my preparation of pickles stopped.

Recently I noticed that the Chinese are avid growers of the gherkin, so I imported some seeds and had a trial run using my outside trays about 6 months ago, pickling the gherkins using a recipe that my Mother had on how to pickle in a warm climate such as Australia. Dill pickles are a product of Europe and the climatic conditions are much colder so the process becomes easier.

I managed to let one of the gherkins go to maturity and have some seeds that I will give to the Association for people who might be interested in trying their hand at growing and pickling them.

So here is the recipe:

  1. 2 cloves of garlic – sliced
  2. 2 Large stalks of Dill
  3. 2 kilos of gherkins
  4. 1 medium onion – Rough chop
  5. 1 T/s caraway seeds
  6. 4 Bay leaves
  7. 3 T/s salt (50gn/L)
  8. 3 T/s Vinegar
  9. 5 Cups of water

Pack the gherkins in a jar (4.5L) and add ingredients and leave mix for one day at room temperature. On day 2 remove the liquid and refresh adding the same amount of salt and vinegar (Vinegar should be to your taste). Do the same for the third day and then refrigerate the Jar. The pickles will intensify the flavour over the next few weeks and will stay very crisp when served.


Dill stalks, grow them in the summer and cut the stalk pieces into 10cm lengths, place in a Click Bag and freeze.

Grow enough plants so that you will have a good supply of gherkins of the same size or make smaller batches. I would suggest at least 6 plants. Ideal size is 10-15 cm.

Best of luck,


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