Flood and Drain Hydroponic Systems

(Ebb & Flow)

The Flood & Drain tray is a popular hydroponic growing system because it is simple and productive.

Perfect for indoor grow tents.

The process works by regularly flooding the tray with a nutrient solution which then drains completely. This cycle is then repeated multiple times a day depending on your plants requirements.
The tray is populated by your plants growing in loose expanded clay, plastic pots or rockwool cubes.

The flooding action helps prevent salt build up in the root zone.
Flooding re oxygenates the grow media.
Flooding evenly saturates the root zone with nutrient solution.
Simple- no drippers to block up ever.

Fllod & Drain TrayFlood & Drain SystemFD Frame Large


Items needed:

  • Plastic tray ( available at hydroponic shops)
  • Frame
  • Growing media (Rockwool blocks, pots or expanded clay balls)
  • Flood & Drain fitting, pipe, water pump and timer.
  • Hydroponic food.

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