Free seeds for members and recommendations for storage

Members have access to a number of commercial grade seeds in most cases for free. They can be obtained at any meeting or by prior arrangement. Just contact any of the committee members.

Swanson tomato seeds, for example, cost the club $1 per seed so we have to pass on this cost to the members. Lettuce seeds are cheap to purchase and are hence supplied to members free of charge.

A complete list of seeds and there costs if any can be obtained by contacting one of the committee members using the phone numbers included in the regular newsletter.

To ensure your seeds remain viable for the longest possible time they should be stored in a cool, dark, dry location. A good idea is to keep them in the fridge in a closed container preferably with some drying agent. This drying agent or silica gel can be purchased quite cheaply online eg as per the link below.

You will also find its equivalent in pill bottles.


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