Free Seeds For Our Members

We have purchased bulk quantities of commercial quality seeds for distribution to our members. Have you ever wondered why fruit and vegetables you buy in supermarkets are so big, they don’t use the old varieties that you buy from the nursery. Farmers don’t use outdated plant varieties because they don’t perform, they use special seeds.

These seeds can only be purchased in bulk making them difficult for home gardeners to buy, however we buy bulk and then share it amongst our membership. Everyone wins.

Hydroponic society seeds

New additions to our seed bank


  • Industry standard for hybrid green stemmed Pak Choy
  • Excellent quality and uniformity
  • Slow bolting and suited to year round bunching production


  • Open field yellow with 4 lobed blocky bell shape
  • Attractive glossy thick walls
  • Green turning deep yellow at maturity


  • Dark to mid green butterhead lettuce with medium size
  • Suitable for all year round in hydroponics or open field
  • Low core and good tipburn tolerance

These and more are available free to members now.

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