How to avoid leggy seedlings

Germinating from seed under lights allows you to have lush healthy seedling ready for Spring, however things can go wrong.


To avoid your young plants growing too tall and leggy you need to be aware of a few common mistakes;

  • LIGHT- You need plenty of quality light for your seedlings to grow well. Many grower use T5 fluorescent lamps which emit plenty of PAR watts so your new plants will flourish. Also consider the colour spectrum to use, white lamps (6400K ) are good for lush green growth however purple lamps (14,000 K) encourages a more compact seedling.
  • NUTRIENTS- Don’t forget to feed your new seedlings or they will turn yellow and look sick. Half strength grow nutrients with the correct pH value plus¬† the addition of a root booster to encourage rapid root grow with give them a fantastic start.

Starting your seedlings early inside gets you ready for an early crop and a bumper harvest.

Happy growing.

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