Hand Watering

One of the great things about hydroponics is that often there isn’t a right or a wrong way to do things, as long as the plants are happy and productive. There are many ways or systems you can use so what ever works for you is the best way.

Silver beet growing in Canna Terra soil less potting mix and watered daily by hand with a nutrient solution.

The biggest advantages of growing in peat is its ease of use and the tolerant nature of this medium, as a result of which small deviations in the feeding given do not have to have serious consequences for the yield. However, one disadvantage is that different types of potting mixes retain different nutritional elements which make precise control of the nutrient dosage difficult.

Nutrient Film Technique

The NFT systems are said to be one of the most productive hydroponic systems. It is not a system for beginners, and you should try experimenting with the other types of systems first before you jump into building an NFT hydroponics system.

Lettuce growing in a nutrient film technique system (NFT), this system is fantastic for providing fast growing and abundant salad crops for your home.

Coco Fibre

Coco-ponics has gained popularity in recent years due to it’s high yields as well as being sourced from a renewable resource- coconuts. The used coco fibre is easily disposed of after use by digging into your garden beds, it makes an excellent soil conditioner.

Commercial Hydroponics

A commercial hydroponic farm using NFT to crop herbs all year round. This photo is from one of our yearly hydroponic farm visits.

Australia is now regarded internationally as the largest producer of hydroponic lettuce in the world with over 180 acres under cultivation. Our hydroponic strawberry cultivation is larger than that of the United States and our flower industry is almost as large as the lucrative American market.

Garden Shows

The Hydroponic Gardening Society of Victoria’s display stand at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show 2012. We welcome the opportunity to promote the benefits of hydroponic gardening.


Our Club

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