Hydroponics? Where To Start

People with their first foray into hydroponics all need to start somewhere and need good advice to prevent them making many common mistakes. I know as I have made most of them.
My recommendations since I was in this position a few years ago are;

  1. All beginners or people wanting to find out more about Hydroponics should join a club, and should attend a meeting and speak to some of our experts before they invest some of their hard earned cash into hydroponic equipment.
  2. They should have access to experienced people who can advise them . We all need that.
  3. The club members should direct the interested parties to our website where we could provide some articles on addressing such issues as Ph, EC, temperature insects and disease control importance of high quality seeds and plants and the various forms of hydroponics including some parts lists to set up their first time system.
  4. We should maintain this section as we always have new members.

My suggestion for beginners is to try deep water culture which is cheap and easily managed. All that is required in a polystyrene box obtainable from a greengrocer. The ones used for brocollini are suitable. Use a hole saw and drill 4 holes in the top. Insert 4 used but cleaned plastic pots, insert the plants e.g. lettuce and back fill with perlite, gravel or cleaned scoria. Fill the container with hydroponic solution with the correct EC. Check that the water level is maintained above the root line. Change the water every two weeks. To improve aeration add a fishpond bubbler.

DWC box DWC box2

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