Instructions for use of Polystyrene Hydroponic unit.

Insert baskets or pots (with holes pre drilled0 into the holes in the top of the unit.
Add perlite to top of pot/basket. The example below used Clay balls as the media.
Mix 1 level tablespoon of supplied powdered hydroponic nutrients in 10 litres of water. The nutrient will dissolve more thoroughly if the temperature of the water is above room temperature.
Ensure all of the powder has dissolved in the water.
Add the nutrient mix to the unit.
Add plants to the pot/baskets. The pots should site in the top of the water. There is no need to top up the pots with nutrient as this could drown the plants. Ensure that the pot/basket is partially immersed in the nutrient mixture at all times.
To maintain the water level over a two week period just add sufficient water to bring the level of the nutrient back to the required level. Please note that on warmer days the plants will die quite quickly if the water does not cover the bottom of the root zone.
Every two weeks discard the nutrient solution onto one of your favourite plants or trees. They will love the treat. Camellias seem to respond to this particularly well.
Wash out the container then add more nutrient following the instructions above.
Keep the unit in sunshine especially during the colder months.
Some suggested plants to grow are Lettuces, Cabbages Cauliflower (during cooler times) , beans, lettuces , cucumbers during warmer times.
We suggest you construct several of these to provide a wide range and quantity of food.
To improve productivity we suggest you add an aquarium air pump with bubbler. This will improve the level of oxygen available to the plants.
It does not hurt to experiment yourselves and this simple system can provide you with the confidence to tackle some of the other systems such as N.F.T.
If you have any questions you only have to contact one of the members whose numbers appear on the newsletter.
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