Making Money From Your Indoor Garden

Having an indoor garden is not only a great hobby and a lovely way to grow your fruits and vegetables, but it also can be very profitable, too. Indoor-grown hydroponic foods are in huge demand as foods grown hydroponically are always superior to soil-grown. Foods grown hydroponically are proven to be healthier than traditionally grown foods. This is because foods grown with hydroponics have more nutrients locked in which also means they taste much better.

Among all the different kinds of plants which could be considered as cash crops, herbs have got to be the most popular and most successful. The best way to get started in growing herbs for profit is to do a lot of research in order to find out which variety is currently in demand. This information can be gained from your local garden nursery, plant store, or even an agricultural department at a university may be able to help. After you’ve done your research to find out what is in demand, you then need to find out what the going rate is. Once you have this information, you can now focus on the future task at hand of obtaining the seeds and/or cuttings and getting started.

Here are some of the more popular herbs:
Basil can grow to approximately two feet tall and has very shiny leaves. It is a hearty herb which goes very well with tomato-based dishes.

Bay grows well in almost any condition and is generally cooked with sauce dishes and pasta.

This is probably the most popularly grown herb around. Chives grow very small at around six to nine inches in height and the leaves look grass-like in texture. This wonderful herb is normally used in salads, and also with potatoes.

Everyone knows what garlic is and they buy it regularly. It is also a perfect herb for people just getting into the herb business.

Mint can grow to over 20 inches tall. Its growth is very vigorous and spreads very quickly. This herb should be situated with enough room for its substantial growth.

This variety can be found in most people’s kitchens and is essential for countless dishes. The leaves are very green and can reach up to two feet tall.

Chervil grows to approximately 1½ feet tall and has a distinctive peppery kind of taste. This is a very resilient plant which allows for colder conditions.

Growing to approximately three feet in height, dill has yellow flowers which makes this herb very decorative as well as delicious.

Sage comes in various different varieties all of which grow to be very strong. This herb requires occasional pruning for optimal cultivation.

Selling indoor garden herbs is a relatively new idea but it can be very lucrative, even for novices of indoor growing and veteran growers alike.

After you’ve properly grown and prepared your herbs, then it is time to sell. Try to reach out to farmer markets around your area, and grocery stores often will always gladly buy foods which have come from an indoor garden.

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