Massive Tomato Yield

This is one of the trials conducted by one of our New South Wales member, Andrew Parker.

This is my latest crop of KY1. It produced 19.5kg from the module in 10 weeks during a very cold winter, with 72 plants in a 6×6 array. Given that 5.5 crops/year are quite feasible, this equates to 107.25kg/year/m2 and is way above high-tech industry standard. The tomatoes you see in the lower image are just the first row (of six), with the whole crop shown in the top image. There is considerable variation in size, because “heirlooms” are not what they purport to be and this is something that I am addressing. They were grown without support of any kind and I did not prune the leaves or trusses and did not remove laterals. The idea is zero maintenance and wouldn’t commercial growers love that! This yield is quite good considering the very cold nights we have had for the last couple of months. The tomato crops on both sides are Siberians.
My next crop will be Burpee’s Quarter Century growing in the same module in a 6×6 array with 3 plants per module instead of two. This will achieve my goal of 100+ plants/m2

Tomato1Tomato 2

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