Meeting April 2016

We held our April meeting in the home of Peter and Carol in Melbourne, we also got to see Peter’s lovely new hothouse (pictured below) and to check out what he had growing.

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Peter demonstrating how he deals with bugs, a hose sprayer using a pyrethium and a soap solution.
Insecticidal soap works best on soft-bodied insects  such as aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, thrips, scale insects and white flies.

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Interesting things to come up at the meeting:

  • Gerry had a devastating rat attack on his growing area, blames it on recent construction in the area causing the rats to travel.
  • Talik spoke of the success he was having with Asian leafy vegetables but the fruit on his bananas trees were going black and being eaten by possums.
  • Hugo told us his tomatoes had finished but his kale was going strong. He was having problems with white fly and aphids which hid in the folds of the kale. It was suggested he needs to spray with pyrethium and do it regularly to interrupt the life cycle of the bugs. In warmer weather they breed quicker so a more frequent spraying program is needed. Once you have a heavy infestation of white fly it is difficult to control, prevention is best.
  • Peter F. mentioned his Moss Salad Grower was doing well on his front porch providing plenty of lettuce.
  • Derek has success replanting spring onions he had bought from Aldi, regrown for a later use. He remarked he had grown some cucumbers with skins so bitter that his vegan friends even refused to eat them. It was suggested his EC (nutrient strength) was too high.
  • Annur told us about his NFT channel system in which he grew lettuce and boc choy, interestingly he remarked the plants the plants grew the biggest at the far end of the pipe. He showed us pictures on his phone to prove it, a variety of causes were discussed, but it seemed to stump everybody.
  • Kel had been growing cucumbers but suffered a white fly infestation which he felt was attracted by the nearby capsicums. For the people who saw the strawberries growing at the Gateway tour he can source the Ezytrays (pictured below) and was asking who would like to buy them. If you are interested please contact Brenton

Capsicum Seedlings- time to order

We again have access to high quality commercial greenhouse capsicum seedlings. Last year the varieties available were red and yellow fruit for $3.50. We expect something similar again.
They are the left overs from a commercial planting so we only get what is available. Should be available in a few months.
Put your order in at the May meeting!

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