Meeting August 2016

Our August meeting was held in Camberwell and there was a good turn out of members who wished to talk about hydroponic gardening and their plans for the upcoming Spring.


Ray gave us an update on the tomato seedling that he was growing for the next meeting, due to cold weather the seedling weren’t as big as they were last year. He also warned others to be careful of herbicides anywhere near their precious plants, he borrowed a spray from a neighbour which had Roundup residue in it and went to spray some bugs in his hothouse. Within 2 weeks everything was dead. He joked that at least his bug problem was solved.

Gerry informed everyone of the success he had with the Oasis cubes for growing seedlings, his suggestion was:

  • Keep them wet on weed mat
  • Keep the environment at 25c and under LED lights
  • Wait until 2 leaves show then feed with weak nutrient
  • The Oasis cubes are better than rockwool because they don’t get so wet.

Brenton challenged the members to a ‘Grow the biggest tomato’ competition, you are asked to pick your heaviest tomato this season, weigh it and send a photo to him for judging.


David Francis gave everyone at tip on how to achieve this, reducing the amount of fruit on a truss allows the remaining tomatoes to grow to a bigger size.


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