Meeting February 2014

Our February meeting was held at my place in Hampton East and it was well attended by members wanting to discuss things hydroponic. 100_0612

Chillis grown in the Canna Terra hand watering hydroponic system

The top item for discussion was the recent heatwave in Melbourne which effected many gardens, all plants even hydroponic ones require protection from extremes of weather. The combination of days over 40 c combined with exposure to too much sun puts great stress on plants. Most members remarked that their gardens were a bit the worse for wear from the hot spell and even hardy plants like tomatoes and capsicums died or were damaged.

One of our members, Gerry explained to the group that tomatoes won’t pollinate in temperatures of 35c effecting future fruit. Ray mentioned his hothouse is fitted with retractable shade cloth on wires which he can deploy on hot days.


Gerry also bought in a bag of special lettuce seeds for everyone. It is a curly leaf lettuce which is well suited to Victorian conditions. It is fast growing, won’t bolt and can be grown all year round. Seeds will be distributed to members.

Lettuce- curly leaf

Andrew (see Jan 2014 meeting) remarked that his garden survived the heat and his capsicum plants were over 1m tall with plenty of fruit. Other spoke about the loss of produce to rodents, possums and birds which are the hazards of growing outside.

Next month’s meeting is an aquaponic system tour in Thornbury, we hope to see you there.

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