Meeting March 2016

March was the month many of us made the trip to Deniliquin to visit Cliff and Thelma’s hydroponic garden and to see gardening in an extreme climate. Prior to our visit, there was a heat wave with some days over 45C, a tough environment for anyone’s garden. Everything was grown outside in boxes of sawdust, plastic channels or deep water culture boxes. They had been getting great results with sweet corn, tomatoes, lettuce, beans and fruit trees.



On the night before the meeting we meet up at the Deniliquin RSL for a delicious meal and a confirmation of the next day’s activity. After a tour of Cliff and Thelma’s garden we rounded up some chairs and had our meeting, people shared how their gardens had grown that summer and what they planned on growing in the future.

Deniliquin was a wonderful place to visit and many of us made the opportunity to have a little holiday in that interesting part of the world.

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