Meeting May 2016

May 2016

Our May meeting was held at  HYDROPONIC CENTRAL and it was a good turn out of members and interested visitors. Brenton started the meeting with a reminder to everyone regarding seedlings and nutrient orders coming up. Our group can offer a lot to members if they choose to take advantage of the bargain plants and consumables that are on offer.

In our round robin discussion session, Roger explained his his garden was doing well with boc choy and chilies still growing like crazy. Kel who grows both in a hothouse and in the garden was making good use of companion planting.
Lance posed the question  Why are plants green? (see answer below)
Talik informed us of an interesting plant called “Rue” which has a characteristic ‘cat wee’ smell which deters insects and animals. He promised to bring some cutting to share at our next meeting.

At the conclusion of the meeting, everyone got a change to have a look at the indoor display gardens on show.

Why are plants green?
Plants appear green because they’re full of the light-absorbing chemical known as chlorophyll. But since they appears green—bouncing back green and yellow light waves—it means it’s not 100 percent efficient at absorbing all of the sun’s rays.
Watch here for an explanation on Youtube

Next meeting
Sunday 17th July at 10am
Highett Community Neighborhood House
2 Livingston St
RSVP to Pete (call/text) 0411 319 646

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