Meeting: November 2013

Our final meeting for the year was at our regular November spot in the hills…Selby. Our gracious hosts Sue and Mark organised for us a pleasant morning meeting. We held the formal part of the meeting outside on the veranda overlooking the countryside.

Mark has 3 decent sized glasshouses mainly running on the Auto-pot self watering kits with his speciality being tomatoes. The season got off with a slow start for Mark with temperatures low as -5C being recorded in his hothouses in October. He had planted 46 plants covering 11 different varieties so he is expecting a fruit being available throughout the growing season. His capsicums were growing slowly and the cucumbers were being effected by powdery mildew which was all due to the cool weather. Other members also commented the cool spring resulting in slow growth with crops being at least a month behind usual.

Auto pot glass houseGlasshouse

Mark tends to his glasshouse whilst Sue, his wife has an impressive array of veggie patches, which amongst other things yielded 96kg of pumpkins earlier in the year.

Veggie patch



The discussion came up regarding deveolping the club’s seed collection into a proper seed bank where commercial quality are purchased in bulk and distributed to members. In addition it was suggested that members save their own seeds from successful plants to hand out to others for the mutual benefit of all. In the new year members will be asked for their input into what seed varieties they would like.


The meeting was concluded with a tour of the glasshouses and morning tea also,  members were reminded of our first meeting of 2014 is in January in Beaumaris followed by  an aquaponics system tour in Thornbury in February. Something to look forward to.


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