Meetings: July 2013

This months meeting was a Moss Products in Dandenong where are range of soil less gardening kits are designed and distributed. The meeting began in the boardroom where Barry opened the session and after the formalities Bjarne, one of our members explained the features and benefits of the proposed website. The focus is providing more benefits to existing members and giving prospects more reason to join. The current focus of the society is Sunday morning meetings which is good for some however others can’t attend so they see little value in joining. A website allows greater interactivity with those out of the Melbourne area. Features such as a members only area with valuable content, Social Media integration and a streamline email program.

During our round table discussions it was mentioned that the cucumber variety ‘Eskimo’ which can grow through the winter in NSW and maybe of interest to us here in Melbourne. Barry S.said his capsicums were still producing fruit and Peter F. remarked his greenhouse pineapples were nice and healthy looking. The meeting was finished up with a look around the Moss plastics factory and morning tea.

Andrew showed us some of the soil less gardening kits they had in development including a new fold flat Tomato Tower. See pictures below.

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