Micro Gardens

A common complaint heard amongst people living in small spaces such as units and flats, is that they can’t grow their own food for want of an old fashioned veggie patch. But a lack of space need not discourage someone from growing their own food. With some creativity and the use of unconventional spaces, almost anyone can produce some amount of home-grown food.


Enclosed porches, verandas or balconies are relatively easy spaces to make use of. In the majority of cases, the type of food grown will have to be adjusted to the average temperature and light exposure. Lettuce and root crops can be grown during cooler months with less sunlight and warm weather crops such as tomatoes and capsicums can be grown during summer months.

There is no reason for anyone who wants to grow more of their own food to let their limited space prevent them from doing so. Any place you can survive, you can grow some sort of food crop as well. Get growing.

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