Mixing nutrient solutions from powder (as supplied by the Hydroponic Gardening Society of Victoria)

How to mix up a hydroponic solution.

To mix them it is recommended you use two containers /Jugs to avoid mixing any of the 2 concentrates together..


Option 1    Mixing nutrient directly into your reservoir or final solution

If you want to mix a solution directly into the reservoir mix 1gm/L of A and 1gm/L of B powder will typically make a solution at EC 2.0 and a pH of approx. 6.5.

Option 2  Mixing a concentrated solution  (Pros Can thoroughly dissolve nutrient)

If you are like many members and want to make a concentrated solution so you can use it at any time you use 100gm/L of A.  Ensure when you mix it that all the powder has dissolved. Shaking the container works well. You can use tepid water to assist with the dissolving process but not hot water.

To make the B solution use 100 gm/L of B, again using tepid water will assist. Shake well to ensure all powder has dissolved.

Before any use of the A or B solution in Option 2, it is advised that you shake the container to ensure the A or B has not precipitated.

To make the final solution for your reservoir dilute it at a ratio of 100:1 water to the concentrated solution. I.E. add 1 litre of solution A per 100 litres of water. Add 1 litre of B solution to the same 100 litres of water.

Checking  Mixture

After these processes, it is strongly recommended that you measure the EC and the pH of the final solution with electronic meters for the EC and pH. If you do not have a pH meter you can use litmus solution to check the pH although this will not be as accurate as an electronic pH meter. You must ensure the final readings are those recommended for the plants you are growing to ensure optimum growth.

You can add some A or B and pH down/up as necessary to obtain the required EC and pH. In recirculating systems, it is recommended that you check these levels say each week especially when the plants are growing rapidly.

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