PC Grow Box

A PC grow box is basically just a self-contained growing environment in a very small space. PC grow boxes are fully enclosed, and contain their own lighting, ventilation and hydroponic system (hydroponics being the obvious choice for this kind of growing). What makes this type of growing system so unique is that it allows growers to fully (and easily) customize the growing environment to achieve optimal growth. Another reason why so many people favor this method is that it allows people living in urban areas to grow their favorite plants without the need for patches of land, or a yard with soil.

Pre-made PC grow boxes are available to buy from most hydroponic stores. Alternatively, you can build your own for a fraction of the cost, and it is very simple and easy to construct. Here we will go through a simple guide showing the basics of building your own PC grow box which can be done with little DIY skills.

– PC case
– Two PC fans (or similarly-sized fans)
– CFL bulbs
– Bulb socket adapter (which can be plugged into a standard household outlet)
– Small hydroponic system (either bought or homemade)
– Reflective material such as Mylar
– Power strip
– Glue gun
– Plastic ties
– Black permanent marker
– Metal cutters

1. The first item required is an adequately sized PC case or tower to work with. If possible, try to obtain a large one and, if possible, one with two or more fans already installed.
2. Unscrew and open it and remove everything inside the case except for any fans and the internal wiring.
3. Once complete, install your fans in their designated places – these need to be on the same side of the case, one on top and one on the bottom. Some PC cases are already configured this way but, if not, you will need to do this yourself.
4. Measure the diameter of your fans and outline this onto the case with your permanent marker. Take a pair of metal cutters (or similar) and cut out the holes accordingly.
5. You then need to install the fans making sure that one fan is blowing inwards and one outwards. When doing this, make sure the wires from the fan are running inside the case and are secured onto the walls using super glue or plastic ties.
6. Take your reflective material and measure it to fit onto all inside surfaces of the case leaving just the fans exposed. You can easily secure this reflective material using a glue gun.
7. Glue the power strip directly onto the top of the PC case – make sure that all electrical items plug in perfectly without any excess wires.
8. Take the CFL bulbs and connect the adapters to the power strip. It’s always good to have at least two CFL bulbs inside the case, if not more, but this really depends on how many plants you will be working with. CFL bulbs almost never get hot and run super efficiently so there is no need to worry about it getting too hot inside the case.
9. Place your hydroponic system, or other medium, inside the case insuring that it fits properly.
10. Now that the system is nearly complete, plug everything into the power strip and secure all wiring to the walls using plastic ties or a glue gun.
11. Add your plants, close the case back up and that’s it – you’re done. It is probably best if you keep the front of the case secured rather loosely as you will need easy access to your plants. Once you get the hang of using your PC grow box, it is very simple to “add on” more PC cases to expand your grow box if you feel the need to go bigger.

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