Meeting: September 2013


The September meeting is one our members look forward to each year for it is our seedling and nutrient distribution month.  David F. had organised trays of magnificent tomato seedlings, sachets of high performance plant nutrients and bags of perlite growing media for the members.

Tomato seedlings

One of the benefits of of being a part of our club is every September, we have available all these great items to get gardens blooming. Peter F. also distributed seed packets of commercial greenhouse quality cucumbers which are so high yielding that they have to be grown to be believed.

Bjarne did a live demonstration to those gathered on how they can interact and get the most from the club’s new website. He suggested the best way to become more familiar with it is to get explore the site and try posting something up, try it and see.


Peter F. showed everyone as part of the ‘show & tell’ component of the meeting an innovation called the AERO-POT which is a growing container using the air pruning of roots to increase growth. This well ventilated plastic pot is established in the tree nursery industry and now starting to be used in hydroponic gardens. There will be an article on this pot coming up.

Gerry R. discussed his method of giving his tomato seedling a 4 week head start inside under LED lights before putting them in his greenhouse. He had more success with the predominately blue lights rather than the red ones.

We close the meeting by thanking our hosts John and Joan for having our meeting there and providing a delicious morning tea. Afterwards people eagerly inspected John’s compact yet productive hydroponic garden.

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