What is Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a very distinctive growing method which allows you to grow plants and fish together in a single reservoir – fish and plants are cultivated in one system. In aquaponics, the fish supplies the nutrients through the root system and, in turn, the plants “clean” the water the fish live in. This way of growing is somewhat like hydroponics, but in some ways a lot better. For one thing, you are doing away with the manual introduction of nutrients and plant food. The fish produce all the nutrients the plants need for healthy growth. Not having to constantly deal with nutrient solutions will save you a lot of hassle, and expense, in the future.

When growing with aquaponics, you will not only be cultivating your favorite plants but also growing fish. Cultivating fish can be very rewarding, just as much so as growing your own plants. Fish are a very valuable commodity and, if growing for commercial reasons, then having an aquaponics system or two would definitely be a great idea.

The concept of aquaponics is nothing new. In fact, for hundreds of years, people have been growing their plants in water where certain fish were present and noticed a huge difference when growing those same plants in soil. In the centuries since, the art of aquaponics has been mastered. You can now buy pre-made kits with everything you need to get started, including the fish.

Aquaponics offers so many benefits and here are just a few examples of why aquaponics is so superior to other methods of growing:

– Larger yields
– Faster growth
– Drastically lower water consumption as the water is constantly cleaned and recycled
– No need to buy fertilizers as the fish do the work
– Drastically reduces pests due to the absence of soil
– No need for pesticides to harm your plants
– Environmental friendly, as the water is recycled and water usage is massively reduced

Aquaponics is a great way to grow, not to mention very intriguing to watch fish and plants growing in harmony as one. Many people are now flocking to this exciting way to grow because of its efficiency in its recycling abilities and uniqueness of the fish.

The aquaponics method of growing usually consists of a reservoir (or tank) with certain varieties of fish from around the world. The grow beds rest on the top of the water with the roots submerged in the water. This way of growing is truly amazing and also self-sustaining. Once the cycle of fish and plants starts, the water will stay clean and the plants will stay well-fed with nutrients. This will essentially go on throughout the fish and plants’ life. This is the single most reason why so many people are fascinated with this technique of growing. The only time you would really have to clean your system is between harvests. Cleaning an aquaponics system is a lot less of a hassle then most people think. All you really need is a bleach/water solution and something to wipe it down with, and that’s it.

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