Which Kind of Hydroponic Light is Best

When deciding on the kind of hydroponic light most suitable for your system, you should always make sure you pick the right light for your specific situation. Not all grow lights can be used in similar environments which is why there are different varieties available at different strengths to meet every kind of situation. It is essential to do your homework on this subject and know exactly which light will meet your needs best.

Below, you will find a list of the most popular grow lights and detailed information on them allowing you to make an informed decision when choosing your hydroponic lights.

Fluorescent Lights
Fluorescent lights produce a full spectrum light. This kind of lighting is very energy efficient to operate especially when compared to other kinds of grow lights. Fluorescent grow lights usually work best when placed very close to the plants due to their short range capacity. They are also usually used for plants in their seedling stage and work brilliantly for clones, too.

Metal Halide
Metal halide bulbs emit light in the blue and violet spectrum which is the type of light usually present in summertime. Metal halide lights are commonly used in the vegetative stage of plant life, and with high success. Because of the type of light emitted, this bulb is commonly favored by professional growers. By simulating the sun’s natural springtime light, metal halide lights encourage root growth and also prolific foliage growth. This type of lighting does, however, produce a great deal of heat and should never be used in a closed area, but instead in an open room with adequate ventilation.

High Pressure Sodium
This grow light is intended to simulate autumn sunlight in the orange and red field. This light is best used for the flowering stage of plant life, but can also be used for the duration of a plant’s complete life. A huge advantage of this type of hydroponic lighting is that, with just one bulb, you can cover a huge growing area, thus maximizing your growing space. They do need to be kept in an open air garden at least two to three feet above your plants, but they can be easily raised without any effect on your garden. Another huge advantage of high pressure sodium bulbs is that their life span is very impressive; most bulbs can last two years under constant use. It is wise, however, to only use these bulbs if you are growing in a grow room and not in a grow closet or box as they get very hot and could cause some safety issues.

LED Grow Lights
LED grow lights are ultra-efficient but, at the same time, produce tremendous results. LEDs do not produce any heat and can be incorporated into almost any kind of growing operation – big or small. There is a downside to this kind of hydroponic light system, however. They can be very expensive. But, in the long run, they will pay for themselves with the money you will be saving on energy costs.

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